Electronic Witness Center

Electronic Witness Center for Mertes & Mertes Clients

When COVID-19 struck, remote electronic access to court proceedings and depositions immediately became necessary. The Law Firm of Mertes & Mertes immediately opened an Electronic Witness Center. The Electronic Witness Center is a remote facility, carefully sanitized between each use. It is reserved so that no one but the reserved party has any access to it for 24 hours before each use. Clients and witnesses using the Electronic Witness Center simply sit in front of a large screen, where they are "Zoomed" into court or depositions. The controls are managed by the law firm, so that the witness needs only to sit in front of a terminal and leave the work to us! The Electronic Witness Center ensures safe, private and uninterrupted electronic access to court proceedings and depositions, and requires absolutely no technological knowledge on the part of its users.