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Derek M. Bushman

Personal Injury and General Litigation Attorney

Smart, Analytical, No Nonsense.

Attorney Derek Bushman is a smart and analytical trial lawyer with a no-nonsense attitude and a tireless work ethic. Admitted to the practice of law in 2022, Attorney Bushman has combined extraordinary intelligence and tremendous legal research skills to develop a thriving practice in personal injury and general civil litigation. Attorney Bushman is admitted to the practice of law in the State of Illinois and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Bushman is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and the Whiteside County Bar Association.

Even in his young legal practice, Bushman has already developed tremendous experience. "At a law firm like this one, every case is important and impactful," Bushman said. "Our cases often reshape the law," Bushman said.

"Nothing we do here is minor or insignificant," Bushman remarked. "Our cases often draw media attention because of their importance," he added. "It was a bit daunting at first, but its also exhilarating," Bushman added. "I understand the responsibilities that stem from our handling of such important matters," Bushman said.

Bushman's analytical abilities have caught the attention of the lawyers and staff with whom he works. "When conducting legal research, Derek leaves no stone unturned," said James Mertes, Managing Partner of Mertes & Mertes. "It is such a pleasure to read his pleadings," Mertes added. "He misses nothing," Mertes said.

Bushman's devotion to the legal practice has resulted in him spending many late nights in his office. "I sometimes sit for hours in front of my computer and lose complete track of the time," Bushman said. "When he is on a mission, Derek holes up in his office for hours," Mertes remarked. "Sometimes we have to go check on him just to make sure he is alive!" Mertes joked. "He is a voracious reader and tremendous writer," Mertes added. "We are so proud to have him with us," he said.

Derek can be reached directly by e-mail at or by telephone at 815-626-1500.


Derek M. Bushman
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