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Gary L. Spencer

Criminal Litigation Attorney

Attorney Gary L. Spencer is a highly experienced and seasoned criminal litigator. As a former Sheriff's deputy and the second longest-serving State's Attorney in the history of the State of Illinois, Mr. Spencer has spent decades in the courtroom. For the past decade, Attorney Spencer has brought his talents to the clients of Mertes & Mertes.

Unlike other attorneys, Gary Spencer has actual experience in every facet of the criminal law practice. Before he became an attorney, Gary was a full-time Whiteside County Sheriff's Deputy. "My experience as a Sheriff's Deputy was incredibly valuable to me," Spencer said. "I learned first-hand the challenges faced every day by law enforcement officers," he explained. "I developed a perspective of criminal law that few lawyers have," he said.

After 8 years as a Sheriff's Deputy, Spencer attended law school. He became a Whiteside County Assistant State's Attorney and then ascended to the role of Whiteside County State's Attorney. Spencer is the second longest-tenured State's Attorney in the history of the State of Illinois, having served in that role for over 31 years. "For over three decades, I prosecuted thousands of complex criminal cases, with case types including murders, rapes, robberies, burglaries, DUIs, and virtually every state criminal offense known to law," Spencer said. "I know the law and I know the unique challenges faced by prosecutors," he added. "This experience helps me tremendously in my role as a criminal litigation attorney for Mertes & Mertes," he said.

"People charged with serious crimes require serious lawyers to represent them," Spencer said. "Between Jim Mertes and I, we have over 75 years of combined experience in complex criminal litigation," Spencer remarked. "The two of us have seen an awful lot over the years," Spencer remarked. "That helps greatly in times of crisis," he added. "Our experience allows us to calmly and carefully deal with whatever issues come our way," Spencer explained. "Whether it's a speeding ticket or a murder charge, we know how to handle it," he added.

"I have never believed in handling a criminal case from beginning to end while seated behind a desk," Spencer remarked. "If the case warrants it, we will assemble a team to investigate and analyze the evidence," he added. "We go out to the scenes and we go look at the evidence ourselves," Spencer said. "In many cases, that first-hand knowledge makes all the difference in the world," he added.

Gary Spencer can be contacted directly by e-mail at or by telephone at 815-626-1500.


Gary L. Spencer
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